About Me

Hi, I’m Dom.

I’m a twenty something year old designer who got introduced to baking many years ago. Today, I’m constantly looking for new recipes in order to advance my skills and make some really great food. There’s just something about dessert that always brings joy to people. I mean, you eat a meal to get full, but you eat dessert because you want to and because it tastes good. I’m always fascinated at how such simple ingredients like flour, sugar and eggs come together to make something so mouth-watering. I started this in hopes that it would inspire someone to get in the kitchen and try their hands at whatever they’ve been drooling over on the internet. Trust me when I say that I wasn’t the best when I first started out- but hey, we’ve all got to start somewhere. I’ve had my fair share of burnt bottoms, cakes that refused to release from the pan, raw centers and even some things that were just plain inedible. That, combined with my successes has taught me some tricks that I’d love to share and pass on. So grab a glass of milk or cup of coffee and get settled in- there’s cookies in the back

Check out my ongoing series where I bake my way through new recipes while on lockdown:

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