Ch. 62: Halaya at ya boy- Ube Crinkle Cookies


Ube is one of those flavors that I’m pretty obsessed with. Growing up and living in Guam, ube flavored things are seen everywhere- given how close we are to the Philippines and how accessible their products are. Everything from ube cakes to ube custards to even ube Melona- yup you heard that right– is found here. And so in looking for new cookie recipes, I wanted to find something that fit that purple mold. Crinkles seemed like a pretty good place to start, given how easy they are, and how they have endless flavor options. I even took a little trip to the Filipino markets here and picked up some ube flavoring as well as ube halaya, or jam,  which are the two main flavor components in this. 

If you’re pretty new to baking, crinkle cookies is pretty a good place to start. They look great no matter what you do, and depending on the recipe, usually taste good too. This one comes from Chef Eva Konenberg who I found while searching on Youtube, and it couldn’t be simpler. Eggs and oil get whisked together until smooth before adding in the sugar. The lack of butter in the recipe was a bit surprising, but then again, butter is literally temperamental- so all the chilling we’re going to do to the dough may be the reason why oil is preferred. Flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt get sifted into the wet mix and stirred until just combined. Next comes the actual flavoring which consists of the ube jam as well as the ube extract- both of which get stirred in by hand until combined. It’s nice to have a cookie recipe in your back pocket that doesn’t require a mixer or any tools. Once that dough is smooth, it’s left to chill for at least two hours before it can be scooped. After it’s stint in the fridge, the dough is still a bit tacky, but far easier to roll into balls. Those then get coated in powdered sugar before they can be baked. Don’t skimp here, because that thick coating is what gives them that characteristic look. 

Again, as far as cookies go, these are some of the simplest I’ve made. And I’d say that the results don’t disappoint. The crinkles baked up beautifully, keeping those nice cracks which are only accentuated by the purple dough. Mine wasn’t quite as bright as Chef Eva’s- which I think is due to my ube flavoring. Most of the ube flavoring or extract you see on the shelves already contain food coloring. However all I could find was the clear version, leaving me to try and mimic the look with food coloring. Still, I say they turned out great. In terms of flavor, you get that slight nuttiness that ube gives off- though I’d say it could use a bit more of a punch. The texture was great too- with a nice, almost fudgy and soft inside. The only real downside to the recipe is that it has to be chilled for two hours, meaning it can’t just be whipped up for any last minute dessert needs. Then again, that’s pretty common with crinkle recipes. It’s just a matter of planning in order to make these- which I do recommend.  Add these to the list of ube flavored things I’m into.

Full Recipe | Method from Chef Eva Konenberg:

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  1. Gee says:

    UBE. CRINKLES. Two of the best things I love – combined…. I gotta try this recipe asap!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. domnomnom says:

      Definitely recommend! Don’t be afraid to add more of that ube flavoring.

      Liked by 1 person

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