Ch. 61: The Sweet Escape of Mango Coconut Pie


This past mango season came bearing fruit (literally). Just a few months ago, we’d been gifted bags upon bags of ripe mango that definitely satisfied our cravings for a while. That stock had since run dry and mango season is officially over. And then, one of my aunties had messaged me, saying that she had bags of mango that she’d cut up and frozen, and was willing to give it to me. Of course I said yes- already thinking of all the things I can do with it. One idea that stuck was a mango pie. Unfortunately, my searches came up short- with each of the recipes being a bit off from what I was looking for. I ended up on a blog called Tara Teaspoon, looking at her recipe for what she calls “Blow Your Mind Coconut Mango Pie.” I happened to have all the ingredients, and because the recipe seemed simple enough, I decided to give it a go. 

The recipe starts off with a simple graham cracker crust that gets jazzed up with some shredded coconut. I crushed up the crackers and mixed them together with the coconut, powdered sugar and melted butter. The mix ended up being too dry, with the crumbs not nearly moistened enough to hold their shape (sorry if that word made you wince). I’ve learned that a good graham cracker crust really needs to be packed into the pan in order to not disintegrate when cut. So I added a few more tablespoons of butter until I was able to press it in without it falling apart. That got baked up and left to cool. Now comes the filling. Tara calls for a store-bought mango puree, but when you live in the Tropics like I do, fresh is always best. I thawed out the gifted frozen mango before pureeing until smooth. I then cooked it down with a bit of sugar until thick. I can’t say I’ve ever had store-bought mango puree, but I can guarantee you that my fresh puree tastes better. In a large bowl, I whisked up the egg yolks and condensed milk before adding in the mango puree and lime juice (I used lemon which was great). That got poured into the crust and baked until the center was just slightly jiggly. After that, I let the pie cool completely before letting it sit in the fridge for a couple hours. Tara’s recipe calls for a meringue topping, but we’re not the biggest fans of meringue in this house, so I opted for some whipped cream and toasted coconut instead. 

I’m pretty transparent on here, so I’ll admit that I wasn’t too impressed with this one. The crust, while tasty, crumbled off at the areas that didn’t have filling. That’s compounded by the fact that the filling didn’t quite reach the top- which is a little pet peeve of mine whenever i make pies. The filling itself was overly sweet with a prominent condensed milk flavor. Although it’s unquestionably a mango pie, the distinct dairy flavor kinda took over. I ended up not sweetening the whipped cream at all, hoping that it could balance out the filling which it ended up doing after all. All together, the bite of crunchy crust, smooth mango filling and creamy topping was in fact delicious- thanks to my tweaks. Still, I won’t cast the recipe off entirely. I ended up giving it out to family who really enjoyed it, so it may just be a case of my tastes. I’m happy to report I still have a bag of frozen mango on hand, so the search continues.

Full Recipe | Method on Tara Teaspoon:

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