Ch. 51: Soft & Fudgy Brownie Cookies


Though the COVID cases still continue to rise here on Guam, I oddly enough don’t seem to have as much free time as I once did when lockdown first hit. Many companies, mine included, have ramped up, so I don’t have the free time to bake a cake or some intricate dessert the same way I did before. I tend to leave most of my involved baking projects for the weekends- when I have hours on hours to let bread rise or do whip up several components for a dessert. Still, I crave something sweet throughout the week and often look for quick, yet satisfying recipes to satiate that dessert craving. One channel that I’ve discovered and love is Buttermilk Pantry- a food blogger and Youtuber who creates these pretty amazing treats. Praise also has to be given to her videos which have some of the best cinematography and editing that I’ve ever seen. One such entry is her video on brownie cookies that, oddly enough, come together rather quickly. So after work one day, I eased into the kitchen and decided to whip them up for a mid-week dessert fix. 

The recipe starts off by melting chocolate and butter together. Now, when chocolate is the main star of a recipe like it is here, you want to use the best product you can find. I whipped out these 70% dark chocolate bars I’d picked up on a grocery run, knowing that they’d be perfect for an application like this. As that cools, we move our attention to the eggs which do some heavy lifting in this recipe. One whole egg and one egg white are added to the bowl of a mixer, along with salt, granulated sugar and light brown sugar. That’s then mixed for a few minutes before being whipped on high for about seven minutes. We’re aiming for ribbon stage here- where the eggs are pale and thick. The batter should fall into itself after a few seconds ,leaving thick streaks (or ribbons lol). The melted chocolate is then folded in, careful that we don’t knock all the air out. There isn’t any leavening in this, so the whipped eggs are what will give the cookie it’s structure. I then sifted in the flour and cocoa powder, again using that same sense of caution, until the mix was cohesive with no dry streaks. The batter (dough?) gets scooped onto a parchment lined baking sheet- being careful to contain it within some semblance of a circle. The batter definitely straddles the line between runny and thick, so you should be able to get it quite cleanly scooped without much fuss. That then gets baked for six to six and a half minutes until the exterior is set. 

These cookies (brownies? I really don’t know what to call them) are one of the most indulgent things I’ve had in a while. The chocolate flavor is front and center, straddling that line between bitter and sweet in the best way. 70% is the way to go, as anything less would be way too sweet in my opinion. The texture of these is very soft- almost reminiscent of the interior of a rich chocolate souffle (see that post from months ago!). Some may say it’s barely baked, but honestly, the fudgy center makes them all the more delicious. The last thing I want from a brownie is something dry. Probably one of my favorite aspects of the recipe is how quickly it came together. All in all, you can have these in your mouth in under 20 minutes, which is crazy considering how good they taste. I really can’t wait to try another one of Sara’s recipes and I definitely recommend popping over to her channel for some intense food stimulation. 

Full Recipe | Method from Buttermilk Pantry

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