Ch. 06: This Bread is Bananas- B A N A N A S.

Banana Bread has become the quintessential dessert of lockdown, and for good reason. It’s easy to put together and makes use of all the bananas that are wasting away on our kitchen counters. Just about everyone is making it and just about every chef or cook out there has a recipe with the promise that theirs is the best. Considering my trust issues, I ended up going back to Bon Appetit because for me, they tend to be the gold standard of some really great recipes that have yet to disappoint. And so I got my bananas ready and queued up the lovely Carla Lalli Music, ready to make this happen. 

Banana bread is all about the bananas (duh). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen bakers make it with bananas that are still yellow. Bottom line: if the bananas aren’t black, I don’t want them. I’ve actually developed a system of freezing the blackened bananas right before they’re about to go south, that way you have perfectly ripe bananas whenever you want. BA doesn’t stray too far from the classic recipe- I mean if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. But there are some little nuances that help it leave the others in the dust. Dark brown sugar tends to play a shining role in a lot of their recipes- and for good reason- it’s added molasses content makes for moist and deeply flavorful bakes that can’t compete with their light brown counterparts. They also give you the option for some added mix-ins which I took, folding in a good amount of chocolate chips and walnuts because it makes up a delicious combo. 

The end result was moist and delicious with so much banana flavor in there still prominent even with chocolate and walnuts. I ended up using an extra banana which I chopped up for texture which may have been a bad move in the end because it made the batter even more wet than I’d like. The additional moisture in the batter made it bake up longer, and I couldn’t get the same rise that BA had in the pictures and video. Perhaps not exactly as BA intended, but delicious nonetheless. I made it again a second time around and that yielded one identical in looks and flavor. It’s safe to say that the national dessert of quarantine still holds the crown for a reason. I even have two bundles of ugly duckling bananas wasting away on my counter just for when they’re ready to be turned into banana bread swans. 

Full Recipe | Method by Carla Lalli Music from Bon Appetit

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