Intro: Baking my way through lockdown

Hi I’m Dom. I’m a part time baker with a full time sweet tooth. 

When lockdown went into full effect late March, we all entered this new world that was far different from what it was before. For me, that meant packing up my office workstation and working from home without much indication of when we’d return. There was a lot going on at the time: with the uncertainty of how this will affect my job and company,  as well as the looming worry of what was happening outside the safety of our home. We just didn’t know how things would unfold- and frankly we still don’t.

In true fashion, I turned to baking as a way to distract myself from everything going on. It’s always been therapeutic for me- to immerse myself in a little project for a while in hopes that it would yield some pretty sweet results (pun intended). There’s just something about taking humble, unsuspecting ingredients and putting them together to make something truly delicious that always interested me. I mean, I did go into architecture which often comes with the idea of “making something out of nothing.” I decided to take the extra time after my stay at home day job to try out a bunch of new recipes that I’d kept hidden away in Google Chrome Bookmarks or found in all reaches of the internet. I hoped that it would help me do something productive with my time and hone in on some of the skills I’d picked up thus far. Trust me when I say that I’m no expert, but I do love to try.

So why this? Anyone who follows me on social media is aware of these little projects as evidenced through my Instagram story or videos I put together on Facebook. (Apologies by the way for the over saturation.) The logic behind those lies with the hope that someone out there would feel inspired enough to try their hand at what I’ve been doing. A special thanks goes out to everyone who’s reached out asking for a recipe or just some tips on how to improve their skills. We’re all just learning as we go. I guess I just felt that each little baking has its own story to be told- one that was longer than the 10 seconds that Instagram allows. Maybe you’ll read through a post and try out a recipe- not just because of the beauty shot or because some Youtuber with a million followers tells you to, but because I’m just a regular dude who doesn’t want to waste your time with recipes that are subpar. A lot of times, we all just aimlessly scroll through recipes and end up picking and choosing what to make based on the pictures or the reviews from some random person with a different skill set. Hopefully these more in-depth write-ups will give you better info on what’s really like to make one of these recipes, and whatever or not it’s worth the trouble. I’ll preface this by saying not everything I made so far has been a piece of cake or easy as pie. Some of these were amazing, but some of them left more to be desired and I certainly won’t sugar coat anything. (Okay I’ll stop with the puns.) 

Here’s how I baked my way through lockdown: 
the good, the bad and the not so tasty.

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